Hotel Waffle Podcast #0: Let the Waffling Begin!

I have missed recording a podcast, it was s good way to get out of my own head for a little while – but life got in the way. However this will not stand – its time to return to it, but in a way that I can work into the real life roadblocks.

Say hello to the Hotel Waffle Podcast, something I plan to record whenever I am stuck in a hotel for work. This happens a lot so I should have more than enough opportunity to backlog episodes and stay on top of this.

Here is what I am calling Episode #0

However the main point of this episode is to ask for topics you want to here me talk about, so send them via email to or record a message over at

My next time in a hotel is in a weeks time, so you have time to throw me topics if you want to get involved.

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