Goldeneye 007 Wii Drinking Game

No funny caption this time - I just like Explosions!

One of the all time classic multiplayer shooters – Goldeneye is the reason that anywhere you find a group of students you will also find at least one N64.

Students are always fans of the drinking games, in fact my student days was where I learnt and created some of my own personal favourites.

The Goldeneye Drinking gaming is just as much a classic as the game itself and with it being remade and released on Wii its time for a whole new generation to rediscover it.

Because I haven’t mentioned it for a while, when I refer to a ‘Drink’ I mean a gulp of beer. That way the game will last more than a couple of rounds, however it’s up to you to know what you can handle and drink appropriately.

Basic Rules

No, I expect you to Die – 1 Drink every time you die

MI5 Trained – If you kill someone by slapping them 1 Drink for you, If you are killed by a slap 2 Drinks

Unnamed Henchman – When you manage to kill yourself, 2 Drinks

Silvereye ­- if you are killed by a sniper 2 Drinks for you, 1 Drink for the sniper

Bonus Rules

I like to play with Golden Gun Mode activated and the following bonus rules applied

Goldfinger – The first player to get the Golden Gun has the Golden Touch and can made anyone else take their Golden Gun based Drinks for the round

Scaramanga – 1 Drink when Killed by the Golden Gun

Nick Nack – 2 Drinks when you lose the Golden Gun

From personal experience i can clearly define this as a Heavy drinking game, and one that is far better played when everyone is in the same room.

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  1. I love your games Paddy, I am so trying to incorporate some sort of tournament on my site with your drinking game, lol would have to be live streamed of course… got me thinking!
    Thank you for this one, 007 is my <3 will have to play this one soon with friends

    • Sounds like fun, if you need the rules tweaking or making for any other games let me know and I’m sure I can come up with something.

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