First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #8

How exactly has it come to this?

Sat in a graveyard, surrounded by the pissed off ancestors of my people as the city I grew up in being covered in Green gloop?

Oh Yeah! the Undead!

Having made a hasty tactical retreat from the city due to being overwhelmingly outnumbered, I knew this was the end of my time in Gilneas forever. Before I leave though I have to give the dead peace again.

Unfortunately getting out of here will not be as simple as we had hoped. Sure the Night Elves are here to help us with boats to run away in, but the undead had the same idea and brought in the Orcs to block our way out.

However after dealing with them, It is time to wander into the wider world.

Azeroth here was come!

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