First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #7

So at the end of the last video I was told that we were going to take back Gilneas City and that I was to help rally the troops with my fancy rapier.

Turns out what I actually could have done with was a bug catcher as boy is that section of the starting zone screwy.

First time the game put my into an already running version of the battle, which had already clearly failed. Then Prince Liam’s Horse gets itself stuck into the ground, thankfully he eventually recovers from that. Then last bug is that the fancy Rapier they gave me to inspire our troops, yeah it also works on the enemy.

However we did finish the battle, but bad times are ahead as Sylvanas kills your Prince Greymane.

As if that is not enough for her, it seems she is fully intent on taking the city back by any means necessary, even willing to resort to bombarding us with the plague! We are left with only one real option.

Scarper Pronto!

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