First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #5

So in the last episode we bumped into the night-elf and learnt that Crowley had also survived the attack on the cathedral but had also fallen to the curse.

However that brings with it good news as the night elves bring with them a more permanent solution to the curse, learnt from the druids. While it does leave you as a worgen, its a better solution than the concoction we were taking.

This was very good news for me and Crowley, but also it turns out for King Greymane who has also been hiding the fact that he has contracted the curse.

All that handled we really should get back to dealing with the Forsaken, but first a slight issue with the King. Seems not everyone is happy with a worgen on the throne and capture him.

I obviously make an attempt to save him, however meet me nemesis in the form of a bridge.

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