First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #4

One very important thing needs a to be done when you are doing YouTube let’s play series. More important than planning and even higher priority than editing – actually hitting the record button!

As a result a good 20 minutes of my journey went undocumented in which I helped an old woman who could look after herself, saved some horses and got some fishing boats seaworthy.

However we pick up with FPWarlock by the side of the road on the way to Stormglen village, with the forsaken on our tail we set up a quick ambush before moving on.

Despite being abandoned for some time the village is not in bad shape, despite a bit of a spider issue and a bit of littering. While dealing with that we discover a journal that has some interesting entries, leading to the eventual discovery of a night elf nearby.

I wonder what this will lead to?

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