First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #2

So when we left FPWarlock at the end of the last episode he had just been bitten, this doesn’t seem like its a good thing at all.

There seems there is a lot going on in this episode. From running around with a mastiff hunting down feral worgen, to the fight in the cathedral to buy time for King Greymane to get the uninfected to safety but the biggest thing was what we knew was coming – My eventual conversion into the slobbering Worgen.

Thankfully though there is…well not so much a cure, but at least give me back control. This couldn’t happen at a better time as it seems the Undead are invading the headland and i’m needed to assist in the defense.

However as for the First person aspect of all this, well this time I found the first real annoyance – Vehicles. When mounted on one of these it was as if I was the Vehicle, I am hoping this doesn’t carry over to mounts!

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