Episode #45: Late to the Party, but still lots of fun!

Not entirely sure what PETA were thinking with this advert - I want meat more not less now!
Not entirely sure what PETA were thinking with this advert - I want meat more not less now!

As you know there would normally be an intro here that was in some way related to something that we said during the podcast however this week we ran late recording, and I had visitors on Friday night – So as I have slept twice since then what was said during the podcast is a complete blur too me.

All I can be certain of is that we talked gaming news, took the piss out of each other, fucked up at some point during recording and got drunk. Seeing as I remember the hangover Friday morning the last one is a certainty.

Were both also still growing Moustaches for Movember so you want to help us in our good cause then you can donate to us for our madness at http://mobro.co/DrunkenGamer.

Anyway on to the podcast and as always links to almost all the topics covered in tonight’s show are available after the jump.

Also as always we are still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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Also for while now listeners have been asking for a way to buy us a beer and help us get drunk for their amusement, well now we have found a way. We have set up an Amazon wish list full of beer and sugary things that you can send to us (trust us were just as funny hyper as drunk). Anyone that does so can send any message with their beer and we will say it in the show. Amazon.co.uk: Drinky Talky Thing

Updates on stories from last week

Activision share price drops due to Warcraft’s problems | IncGamers

Vivendi strips off 35m Activision-Blizzard shares | Game Development | News by Develop

One million new players join DC Universe Online | IncGamers

Steam Breached, Potentially Compromising Credit Card Info

Mass Effect 3 Story May Change Due to Leaks – PlayStation 3 News at IGN

Modern Warfare 3 dev tries to boost Metacritic user score -Destructoid

This weeks stuff

Oh, But Some Good Ass Rev News: DRM | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Good Old Games sounds anti-DRM clarion call – News at GameSpot

I don’t justify crunch, says Team Bondi boss | Game Development | News by Develop

L.A. Noire Creator Working on “One of the Great Untold Stories of the 20th Century” – Games News at IGN

Indie Royale’s Difficult Second Bundle Is On | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

EverQuest II rebooting free-to-play in December – News at GameSpot

Earthrise killing subscriptions, going free-to-play in 2012 | Massively

Lineage II goes ‘Truly Free’ November 30 with update -Destructoid

Infinity Ward Veteran Starts New Studio – iPhone News at IGN

Activision apologises for poor Call of Duty Elite service | IncGamers

Activision donates $3 million to veterans’ charity – News at GameSpot

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sets new launch records – News at GameSpot

Battlefield 3 Can’t Knock Black Ops from Number One – Xbox 360 News at IGN

Limbo Sells One Million Copies – PlayStation 3 News at IGN

Update: Sony Confirms Jak & Daxter PS3 Collection – PlayStation 3 News at IGN

Have PS3 HD Collections Gone Too Far? – PS3 Feature at IGN

Scott Hartsman: RIFT going F2P would be a ‘large net negative’ for the game | Massively

You can now cancel Xbox Live auto-renewal yourself, FINALLY! | IncGamers

Japan asks Saints Row 3 to remove veins from its dick -Destructoid

3DS sales on track to best DS’s first year in US – News at GameSpot

Frequent gamers have different brains – Study – News at GameSpot

Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 Save Files Disappearing – Xbox 360 News at IGN

Online game created to improve scientific peer review accuracy « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce

Microsoft exec: Cloud tech coming to Xbox | Game Development | News by Develop

Resistance’s Website Taken Offline Following Hacking

Rumor: EA wants Wii U to exclusively use Origin -Destructoid

Neverwinter was ‘almost ready to ship’ before F2P MMO retooling | Massively

Asura’s Wrath preorder bonuses revealed – News at GameSpot

Two Razer Blade laptop prototypes stolen -Destructoid

BioShock film not necessary – Levine – News at GameSpot

PSN Suite closed Beta: Indie developers invited to apply « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce

MMO ‘disappears from the internet’ | Game Development | News by Develop

EVE Online monument commemorates the summer riots | Massively

Release Date Roundup

Big List of Game Release Dates – Games Feature at IGN

Trine 2 release date December 9th in UK and Ireland « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce

MLB 12 hits PS3 and PS Vita on March 6 – News at GameSpot

Gotham City Imposters launching January 10th, open beta in December « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce

Dates outlined for Star Trek Online’s free-to-play conversion | Massively

Time Enough: Now There’s An Achron Demo | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Podcast Extras

Pumped for Skyrim yet? -Destructoid

Still not pumped for Skyrim? -Destructoid

Have some Zelda orchestra for your face -Destructoid

Half-naked dancing in this Sonic 3 music video -Destructoid

Colliding worlds: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 cinematic -Destructoid

King of all Cosmos struts his stuff for Touch My Katamari -Destructoid

Mario 3D Land’s Tanooki Suit Revival isn’t OK with PETA

Songs used in this episode

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

Clock Town Medley by ArtificialFear

Geno’s Maze (Frost Version) by dlxrevolution

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