Episode #26 – The Live Drinky Talky Thing Podcast!!

Gow & Paddy enjoying a fire while drunk
Gow & Paddy enjoying a fire while drunk

Why, Oh, Why, did I come to the conclusion that for our 6 month anniversary episode a live podcast would be a good idea?

I mean seriously what the hell was I drinking? Oh that’s right it will have been Guinness as always as this idea came up about episode 16 or so.  Since then I have been silently dreading the oncoming approach of our 6 month mark, while at the same time also relishing the prospect.

I mean seriously I don’t think either myself or Gow thought that we would actually manage an unbroken streak of this long or if we did we seriously doubted we would still have any listeners left, but here we are.

However I think that is enough stalling, despite 2 computer failures and the addition of Pimms much live podcasting was done. We would like to thank everyone that joined us in the chat even if you did derail us a few times.  For the people who could not join us live, all the parts of the cast are available for viewing at  DrinkyTalkyThing on USTREAM: . The normal podcast will be out in the next day or so once I’ve converted the videos.  [Update] Audio version of the podcast is now available.

Links to almost all the topics we hope to cover are after the jump.

Also as always we are still taking suggestions for the mid podcast songs. So if you have a suggestion for song to be included in the podcast then put it in the comments of this post or send them too @DrunkenGamer or @D_Gow . They will be put on the short-list and you will be mentioned in the podcast itself when played

Anyway enjoy this episode of the Drinky Talky Thing.

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Updates on stories from last week

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Team Fortress 2 players segregate F2P users with insta-ban | Joystiq

Capcom once again say they have learnt their lesson
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The EVE Online saga rumbles to completion.
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The LA Noire/Team Bondi Saga gets messy indeed
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This weeks stuff

Limbo Confirmed for PSN and PC – PlayStation 3 News at IGN

Xbox 360 to get PS3-style MLAA anti-aliasing, “quality bar raised” « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce

Bungie Aerospace a partner program with social, mobile devs | Joystiq

Steam Summer Camp Sale is ready for all your money | Joystiq

Google’s Next Move in the Games Space Lies With the Newly Launched Google+
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It’s a Little Big Planet
Media Molecule taking a break from LBP to develop ‘new ideas’ | Joystiq
Long-awaited Final Fantasy VII costumes dated for LittleBigPlanet 2 | Joystiq

Zynga reveals intent to go public | Joystiq

World of Fourcraft makes New York ‘hood loyalty fun again | Joystiq

Even more Gow
Leak Alert: Gears of War 3 emerges on torrent sites | Joystiq
Gears of War 3 Leak Under Investigation

The Wii U News
Wii U Zelda: May look different to E3 demo « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce
Reggie: Wii U’s online functionality will be ‘flexible’ to publishers | Joystiq

PlayStation 4 With Kinect-Style Motion Controls Coming in 2012 – Report

Rumor: Ms. ‘Splosion Man seen briefly on Steam | Joystiq
Ms. ‘Splosion Man won’t make wallets ‘splode, priced at $10 | Joystiq

Sega distributing EA games in Japan, starting with Shadows of the Damned | Joystiq

Battlefield 3: No Plans For Modding Tools | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Release date news

Pond, James Pond is back on iOS | Joystiq

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record goes on sale Oct. 11 in NA, Oct. 14 in EU | Joystiq

Interesting reading but not recorded

Epic’s Unreal Engine makes grass look epic for real, come see | Joystiq

Watch 12 minutes of Batman: Arkham City, if you dare | Joystiq

12 Minutes In Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

GTA 4 engine mod looks gorgeous; latest update adds cloudy weather | Joystiq

Test chamber music, Vol. 2: Another free Portal 2 soundtrack download | Joystiq

Ragnar Tørnquist On The Secret World: Part 1 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The Secret World Has A Savage Coast | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Gow’s Random Words

lolnewsoftheworld, flannel

Songs used in this episode

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

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