Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast : Hell Yeah! We’re Dodging Episode #150!

Hell Yeah - Wrath of the Dead Rabbit!
Hell Yeah – Wrath of the Dead Rabbit!

So here we are, after all this time at the 150th-ish episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.

That said we’re not going to count this one as we are trying to organise another recording where all the group are involved.

But being that we hadn’t recorded in a while we felt like doing so and took the opportunity to try out a new format.

Let us know in the comments if it makes any difference at all.

During our recording we may have spoken about any of the stories linked below the Amplitude Kickstart, Oclus Lawsuits, Watch Dog failings and even a bit of a Dig at Nintendo.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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This Weeks Stuff

Microsoft gives three month window for Xbox Live Gold refunds

Lawsuit Takes Toll, Duke Nukem On Hold For Bombshell

Snow Joke: Far Cry 4 Goes Mountain High In November

Philips is out to ban the Wii U from sale in the US

Oculus VR hires Google Glass engineer

Blizzard: Sexy Heroes of the Storm characters ‘not sending a message’

So This Is Happening: Zenimax Sues Oculus

Dream Stream: $1bn Google Bid For Twitch Rumoured

Report: Microsoft also wanted to buy video game streaming company

Harmonix’s Amplitude Not Coming To PC Now, Maybe Ever

Insomniac supports Harmonix by pledging $7,500 to Amplitude Kickstarter

Nintendo will share money with YouTubers

Flag Returned: Respawn Putting CTF Back In Titanfall

As Amplitude funding passes $800k, Harmonix explains why it went PlayStation exclusive

$60 for a Game in 2014 Is “Insane,” Former Bulletstorm Dev Says

€199.99 5-Game PlayStation Vita Bundle Coming to Europe

Pikmin 3 Adds Enhanced GamePad Support One Year After Release

Mario Kart 8 could be a “catalyst” for Wii U sales

Mario Kart 8 is getting free Mercedes Benz DLC

Own a Piece of Gaming History When Recovered E.T. Games go on Sale

Candy Crush earned more than all of Nintendo last quarter

Alienware: Steam Machine Will Be Our ‘Least Profitable’ Ever

The Darkest Age Of Camelot: EA Shuts Down Mythic

GOG Looking Into Its Own, Better Early Access

Nintendo trademarks Delta Emerald in Japan

If GOG.com gets into selling early-access games, it won’t follow Steam’s model

Ubisoft’s servers hacked, you should change your password

What A Shock: Watch_Dogs Hampered By Uplay Troubles

Glenn Beck Criticizes Watch Dogs for Promoting Hacking — “What the Heck is Wrong with Us?”

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Works with GameCube Controllers — Here’s How

Gabenship Down: Steam Controller Delayed To 2015

Microsoft announces $799 Surface Pro 3, “the tablet that
can replace your laptop”

38 Studios knew $75M loan wasn’t enough to finish Project Copernicus

GTA dev owner trademarks “City Stories,” a name used for past GTA games

Warcraft movie not just for fans of the game, will have “big, universal themes”

PS4 getting karaoke game SingStar; use your phone as a microphone

Sony says PS4, unlike their previous consoles, is “already contributing profit”

Steam In-Home Streaming is open for everyone

Metro Redux comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this summer

Super Smash Bros. Wii U will use NFC

The Order: 1886 has been pushed back to ‘early 2015’

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham announced

Resogun DLC confirmed for a June release

Worms Battlegrounds to bring annelid anarchy to PS4 and Xbox One on June 3

Scarecrow returns in this first Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay footage

See how Wolfenstein: The New Order is censored in Germany

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!

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