Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #114: Still finding new ways to fail!

Wii U Has no Game
I really am starting to regret purchasing this thing

I guess I should explain the title a bit.

Regular listeners will be aware that about a month ago we started releasing an Uncut version of the podcast on YouTube.

Now being that we are cheep while we were experimenting with this we are using whatever hardware is to hand.

That means that the video is being captured on a Microsoft life-cam  with tweaked firmware and a opensource video capture program. It’s the only way it would work.

Why is that an issue? Well, there is a tick-box on the video software that activates audio capture, guess what I forgot to tick? As a result our Uncut video was completely recorded in silence.

Thankfully the audio for the normal Podcast recorded properly so it will be salvageable, but all of our rambling about SimCity, our bitching about the Wii U, our discussion on the Pluto and even our positive words about Molynuex were all missing.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

This Weeks Stuff

The Best Competition Ever. EVER. EVVVVVVERRRRRRR | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Dustforce makers share fascinating sales data – Destructoid

Some Epic Mickey News: Castle of Illusion Remade | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Disney Infinity lets you chill in Scrooge’s Money Pit – Destructoid

Marvel Heroes will allow purchase of heroes, costumes | Massively

Bethesda officially done with Skyrim, moving on – Destructoid

Bethesda teases a new game via Twitter, using Vine – Destructoid

Bethesda and Mikami reveal The Evil Within – Destructoid

Broken British Tax Breaks For Games | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

EA scrapping The Sims Social, SimCity Social – Destructoid

Nintendo Direct: New Yoshi’s Island coming to 3DS – Destructoid

A Link to the Past sequel announced for 3DS – Destructoid

Let’s compare the old Link to the Past map to the new one – Destructoid

Here are two videos of new Zelda 3DS gameplay – Destructoid

Nintendo Direct: Pikmin 3 set to release in August – Destructoid

Virtual Console and Panorama View coming to Wii U – Destructoid

Former Sega employee reveals the unreleased Sega Pluto – Destructoid

The other unreleased Sega Pluto console has been found – Destructoid

Camelot Unchained is being designed for 500-player PvP – Destructoid

Mark Jacobs: Camelot Unchained can succeed with just 50K subs | Massively

Mark Jacobs on the coming F2P apocalypse | Massively

Homemade Fallout Monopoly makes the apocalypse worth it – Destructoid

Curiosity goes a bit mad with new in-app purchases – Destructoid

Build the theme park of your dreams with Theme Park Studio | IncGamers.com

Crytek says graphics are 60% of a game experience – Destructoid

SimCity Crest DLC touches a nerve – DLC to boycott for ethical reasons | IncGamers.com

Maxis update on SimCity improvements and fixes | IncGamers.com

Jagex reports student to police following school shooting threat | Massively

Rhode Island attempting to default on 38 Studios’ debt | Massively

Second wave of Pokemon Rumble U figures revealed – Destructoid

Road Rash (Kinda) Returns: Road Redemption | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Ubisoft thinks audience is ready for always-on consoles – Destructoid

Podcast Extras

Virtual reality is the future of treadmills … I think? – Destructoid

Hearthstone video pits mage against shaman | Massively

There will be blood: Surgeon Simulator 2013 up on Steam – Destructoid

This Duck Hunt pinball machine is a beauty – Destructoid

Blacksmith forges a real Kingdom Hearts Keyblade – Destructoid

Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes Om Nom to the past – Destructoid

These are the enemies you will face in Metro: Last Light – Destructoid

Behold, the first Mario game voiced by Charles Martinet – Destructoid

WildStar explains how MMO servers work | Massively

Apple co-founder shows off his legendary Tetris skills – Destructoid

Grandma gets her mind blown using the Oculus Rift – Destructoid

50 NES games, 50 final boss death animations – Destructoid

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!

Yoshi’s Story by ellebirdy23

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