Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #110 Uncut: The Return of the Random Words

Every week we record a podcast which gets uploaded to iTunes in audio form, this week we decided to also record the whole thing for YouTube as well. However what is in the video is the raw, uncut version of the show. All the distractions, All the wandering off mid conversation & even what goes on during the mid podcast song.


In the early days of the podcast Gow would ask on Facebook & Twitter for random words that he had to try and fit into the show.

That habit has seen a return and I will have to say the break has certainly helped as the words suggested were good.

As if to compliment the return of something old we also balanced that out with something new – Video!

As an experiment while recording this weeks show, I fired up the webcam and recorded the behind the scenes footage and it will be uploaded separately to our YouTube Channel. It should be quite interesting to see what we normally hide from the Audio show 😛

Aside from all that you can expect all the usual gaming news, reviewed with our own slapdash style and lack of research. For example: we cover the ongoing failure that is SimCity despite never having played the game, we discuss the fact that Richard Garriot basically said everyone but him and a few others were crap at designing games & even found time to have our usual pop at American media and politics due to things said in the Sandy Hook investigations.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.

You can also subscribe Podcast on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/thoughts-of-a-drunkengamer/id362481139?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

We also welcome your contact about anything you want to talk to us about – From suggestions for stories to recommendations for mid podcast songs, Hell you can even just hurl insults at us if you so wish. Below is a list of the ways you can contact us. Send us a sound clip and we will even bung it in the show.

Email: Podcast@8bitalliance.com

Podcast – https://twitter.com/8bitalliance
Paddy – https://twitter.com/DrunkenGamer
Gow – https://twitter.com/D_Gow
Craig – https://twitter.com/TurkeySaladBoy
Alec – https://twitter.com/alecrossbower

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkyTalkyThingy

You can even if you so wish buy us gifts of beers and sweeties via our Amazon wishlist, doing so will make you the sponsor of that show and as a result we will say almost anything you ask us to during the show. http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/3PT1KBKK4QC86

If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found http://8bitalliance.com/feature/drinky-talky-thingy-podcast-110-the-return-of-the-random-words/

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