Drinky Talky Thingy Episode #62: Delayed by Snowboards and Doodles

Tell me that is not the creepiest looking fucker you have ever seen on a beer bottle
Tell me that is not the creepiest looking fucker you have ever seen on a beer bottle

You know, there nearly wasn’t an episode of the podcast this week. Unfortunately both Paddy & Gow managed to get themselves completely distracted by games, and with their fish like memories they forgot to publish the episode after they were done recording.

Paddy is currently lost in SSX, while Gow is so addicted to Draw Something that he had to be told to stop playing it several times during recording. I wouldn’t mind if he could actually draw things properly – I have had some right shockers from him.

However a recording was done and other than our weekly round up of the death of GAME we managed to find the time to cover a whole pile of gamin news. We looked at the DoubleFine Kickstater campaign,  debated the benefits of streaming MMO’s & DUST 514, laughed at a game that has a similar name to one we used to work for & debunked the possibility of the next Xbox not having a disk drive.

Also just a reminder, this weekend you will be able come and join in with the show, when we record a live special episode at PLATFORM 2012. We will announce more details as soon as we know them over twitter, but in the meanwhile check out that link and look at the cool stuff that will be going on.

All that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

Updates on stories from last week

GDC: Valve comments on Steam hardware rumors -Destructoid

GAME and Gamestation Start Firesale – Games News at IGN
Leaked memo: Microsoft, Activision, pull support for GAME -Destructoid
Report: GAME Possibly Facing Administration – Games News at IGN
Headline With a ? – The Last Days Of Game? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Report: Future of GAME Remains Uncertain – Games News at IGN
GAME Will Stock Twisted Metal This Friday – PlayStation 3 News at IGN
Battle to save GAME heats up | IncGamers
OpCapita Has Offered To Buy GAME – Games News at IGN

This weeks stuff

This weeks Releases EU: New Games, Newest Games – GameSpot.com
This weeks Releases US: New Games, Newest Games – GameSpot.com

Tim Schafer is Scrooge McDuck -Destructoid
Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Funding Ends – PC News at IGN

Playing Games For The Good Of Humanity, With Phylo | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

This Rocks: Stone Quarry Simulator | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The Utility Vehicle Simulator You’ve Been Waiting For | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The Wait Is Over: Anachronox Is On GoG.com | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Report: A Mini Ninjas Sequel Is Coming – TBA News at IGN

Just How Important is Steam for Indie Devs? – PC News at IGN

GDC: Havok secures Wii U deal | Game Development | News by Develop

Late European PSN release of Trine 2 has a discount -Destructoid

Omerta: City of Gangsters to bring mob management | IncGamers

Rumor: Next Xbox to ditch discs entirely -Destructoid

Are CCP Hinting At PC Release Of Dust 514? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
GDC 2012: CCP talks DUST 514 PC possibilities and World of Darkness development | Massively
Sony ‘removes PSN restrictions’ for Dust 514 | Game Development | News by Develop
DUST 514 beta starts in April, gameplay video released at GDC | Massively

Gaikai: Delivering instant MMOs to your browser | Massively

Blizzard remove PvP from Diablo 3 launch | IncGamers
Behold! May 15th Is Diablo III Day | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Notch And Bethesda Settle On Scrolls | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Scroll Without It: The Small Print In Mojang vs Bethesda | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Double traffic record for Develop Online | Game Development | News by Develop

Obsidian staff ‘missed Metacritic pay by 1 point’ | Game Development | News by Develop

GDC: The original Fallout was coded in two weeks’ time -Destructoid
Sonic Team has no plans for Sonic 4: Episode 3 -Destructoid

Not enough time

Sonic 4: Episode 2 physics based on Genesis games -Destructoid

Sonic Team has no plans for Sonic 4: Episode 3 -Destructoid

Sega Envisions Sonic on PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U – Games News at IGN

Did BioWare ‘lie’ about Mass Effect 3’s day-one DLC? -Destructoid

EA responds to Mass Effect 3 day-one DLC controversy -Destructoid

Podcast Extras

Second episode of Walking Dead’s online talk show now out -Destructoid

GDC: Maxis announces SimCity for PC in 2013 -Destructoid

BioShock Infinite lets loose the Motorized Patriot -Destructoid

Songs used in this episode

Original Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

New Intro Remixed from Drunken Sailor Metal Remix by DarkmasterXIII

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