Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #1

Seems the Joker was more than ready for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS

Well as I said last week, one of my aims for this year was to get the podcast back up and rolling again. It was actually supposed to be last week that it started again as well, but unfortunately I got ill enough to call it off.

But last night we got things back in order and have finally started recording again. This will now be a weekly podcast, for that reason we are also going to start the numbering again.

So here you are, Episode #1 of The Drinky Talky Thing 2011


Here are the links to the subjects we covered in the podcast

Nintendo put warning out for 3DS – not good for kids under 6

PS3’s security blown wide open – only watch the videos on psgrove if you really want to know details they are a bit

The Links to the Sony reactions

Activision may close UK offices due to Gaming Tax Relief being cancelled

Childsplay breaks its personal best and raises $2million

Gameinformer threaten to sue RockPaperShotgun for displaying tombraider screens without the gameinformer logo

EA CEO says digital Download will actually overtake Physical sales this year, and confirmed they are seeing their highest revenue per user on their free to play games.

Zampella and West are trying to stop Activision from including EA in the lawsuit as the costs are already higher than their annual salaries and doing so would only further delay the case and increase the cost

Call of Duty Action Adventure Game

The Swarm Video

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