Diablo III with an X-Box Controller Revisit Using XPadder

That was one hell of a curry last night
That was one hell of a curry last night

With the Diablo III beta finally coming to its natural end on May 1st, I like the rest of you will be plunged into the nightmare of having to wait till the 15th to get my fix of carnage.

However before it shut down I did say that I would go and take a second look at playing the game with an Xbox controller.

While the first video showed that it did indeed work, I used a program that was so obscure that nobody had ever heard of it not even me and I was the one using it.

Thankfully though in the comments youtube user THUND3R1871 suggested that I take a look at XPadder (http://xpadder.com/) and as it only costs £6 I thought I would give it a shot.

Boy am I glad I did, this little one man project is exactly what the doctor ordered. So much simpler to configure than the previous little tool I found, I was up and running around sanctuary in a matter of minutes. One other improvement is that it fully registers all of the controllers buttons meaning I could have everything i needed mapped.

As for the gameplay, once you get used to using the controller it is incredibly fluid. So much so that you are left wondering why there is no native controller support – but I’m sure Blizzard will add that when they finish the console edition of the game.

Below is a video of me using the controller with the game and having a quick play to show it working, I even cap the video off with a overview of the things that have changed in the game since I last recorded a video of it. Hope this helps some people out.

Oh and if you are interested in using a controller for Diablo III and have XPadder, here (http://paddyfellows.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/xpadder.zip) is my controller mapping for you to use as a basis for your own.

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