Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Drinking Game

OK!! Which Twat filled my visor with Jam?

Ok so there is something about Shooters that just makes them so natural a fit for drinking game. Now you can always do the simple 1 Drink per kill – but I always like to try to customise them a bit for the games that stand out.

Obviously when Modern Warfare 2 came out I made one for that, which I was told by Gow that we would never be able to play when he was there.

You see this games gets more brutal the more skilled you are. He recommends for highly skilled players you increase the number of kills per drink to avoid liver failure.

Obviously as always when I mention ‘a Drink’ I personally mean a shot of beer – just use some sense and only drink what you can manage.


Just following orders – 1 Drink for every kill, 1 Drink for every death – Excludes Grenade Deaths

Wait, that’s no rock – 1 Drink for every Grenade Kill, 2 Drinks for every Grande Death

Death from Above –  1 Drink for every kill with an airborne attack (Predator, Harrier, etc)

Get me a Mechanic – 1 Drink if you deploy a Sentry Turret

Ricochet – 1 Drink if you are the victim of a payback kill

One man army – 3 Drink for Everyone else if you manage to deploy the tactical nuke

An end to war – 2 Drinks to the winning team, 1 Drink for the losing team

Optional Rules

Top Brass/Cannon Fodder – 1 Extra drink for player that made the Winning Shot, 2 Extra for his victim

Explosive Payback – 1 Extra Drink if you are the victim of a payback kill with a grenade

As I’ve already said, the drinking level of this game differs based on your shooter skill and can range from Heavy to Extremely Heavy

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  1. Just my version but dont sip and it’s not for lightweights at all
    You die -one drink
    Get knived 2 drinks
    Throwing knife death 3 drinks
    Get blown up drink half of whatever you have left
    The loser finishes everybodies drinks before the next round
    And if losers get kicked for more people they fetch more brew lol beer bitch I call it
    Screenlooking if fully permitted because any drunk person who says they don’t is a damn liar lol

    • Aye, everyone has their own version of most of these games, yours would probably kill me (actually so would mine probably) as I am terrible at shooters

      Always happy to hear other peoples.

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