Bayonetta Drinking Game

Ok, sexy librarian fantasies can be kept to yourself

I have looked back over my files and realised that a few of my older drinking games that have yet to make it onto the site, strangely among them was this one for Bayonetta.

Now it may have been held back for a simple reason, it is one of my very few solo drinking games.

You see for me a drinking game is something that you should do socially, however there are occasions where I find myself sat down playing through a single player campaign and think ‘well I’m drinking anyway, I may as well make a game of it’. In those occasions I will usually try to make it a game where one player is playing and everyone else in the room drinks.

However this on was not, it truly was a solo drinking game – though I am sure it could work with the controller passing from player to player at the end of each verse.


Always a Sucker for a pretty face – Whenever you have/want to use a lollipop a price must be paid – 1 drink

Doing a good job is its own reward – at the end of a verse you have a drink, 3 for platinum, 2 for gold and 1 for anything else

Is this the way to Alfheim? – Any time you find a portal to Alfheim, have a drink

Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition! – Any time you pull off a torture move, have a drink

Every woman likes to go shopping – Each time you buy something from Rodin, have a drink (once per trip)

Now when you stick to a drink = a solid gulp of beer as I do this game will last you a while as I only classified it as a Moderate drinking game when it was initially created.

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