Batman: Arkham City Drinking Game

You thought you were having a bad day!
You thought you were having a bad day!

When I first started trying to come up with a Arkham City Drinking game it was about as tough as Killer Croc’s hide, I spent hours trying to work it out but when I finally saw it, it really was like solving one of the Riddler’s puzzles – obvious once you know the answer.


To play this game you simply need to fire up the Riddler’s Revenge option from the main menu to get access to the challenge modes. From there you pick any character and go to the custom challenges – then simply play a challenge map each and pass the control on applying the rules you go.

Gotham Knight – For every Riddler trophy you get in the round, everyone else takes a drink

Boy Blunder – At the end of the Round for each Riddler trophy you have failed to get, Take a drink

Perfect Knight – If you finish the round having collected all 3 Riddler trophies – You get to select one modifier for the next player after they have selected their map.

Playing the Joker – Activating a Negative Modifier by choice for a round, everyone else takes a drink

Dr Crane will see you now – Activating a Positive modifier by choice for a round, Take a Drink

(max two drinks for the previous two rules even if more modifiers are applied)

Some of these Riddler’s Revenge maps are pretty short, so this can be a pretty Heavy drinking game.

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