A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 8

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SOOO, Yes I know this is very late – but its been a very busy couple of weeks in my defence.

We launched the new Thirteen1 site finally, when your done listening to the podcast go check it out, http://www.thirteen1.com.

For a second week I had “help” recording the show, both Gow & Craig decided to call round to my flat this time and record in person.

This lead to yet another week where we ended up with technical issues. Despite all having separate mics, my pickup seems to have been a lot higher than everyone else’s. What this means is you may hear a bit of echo when there are others talking.

You may also be able to hear my wife, Jo & Craig’s girlfriend, Emma chatting away in the background – that’s how high mine managed to set itself.

Other than technical issue there was also the amusing task of trying to keep both Craig and Gow at least semi on track and under control, as they were already drunk before we started and I was drowsy due to cold remedies. Hence accidentally at the start saying this was Episode 9 :p

Anyway have a listen it’s rather amusing as a result.


Well I’ll cut the explanation there as I have to go edit Episode 9. That will be live in a couple of hours.

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