A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 7

DrunkenGamer and TurkeySaladBoy
Myself & TurkeySaladBoy Rocking out on Rock Band a few months ago

So another week has rolled in and its time for me to do another round-up of the weeks #DailySong output.

This week however is a little different from all the ones that have gone before.

I started in last weeks podcast including guest tracks. This week I was going to include a track selected by Thirteen1 member Craig Albeck (AKA TurkeySaladBoy).

We decided that it would be a good idea to jump on skype and have him introduce the track himself, at which point Daniel Gowen (AKA Gow) decided he wanted to join in.

What follows is pretty much the unedited conversation – they hung around for the recording of the whole podcast and all the introductions. Apologies for the crackling at the start – Gow’s mic fucked up!


As mad as it got, I actually prefer this format – It was a little bland with just myself doing the intros.

Next week I’ll bring them back for more madness but this time have the hardware set up in advance so we get better quality.

We should also be joined by at least one other member of the Thirteen1 Team as were planning to record our first magazine podcast directly afterwards.

Till Next Week.

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