A Week In #DailySongs Podcast Episode 10

This is a Spork! It is the ultimate utensil.
This is a Spork! It is the ultimate utensil.

Well here we are again, I did say that this episode would be available faster than the others.

The reason for this is that my ‘Guests’, Craig & Gow, have pretty much become regular Co-Hosts.

While in many ways this is a good thing, it did mean that the balance between music and talk was getting very music heavy. In order to try and rectify this I made a slight change to the format.

What the three of us do best when were together and have beer to hand is talk, and having to stick to explaining all the #Dailysong’s was  putting a little too much structure in place.

Instead this week we took a look at the new articles on NewsLite.tv (http://newslite.tv/) and give our views on the stories. The #DailySong’s are still included, but only a selection picked at random.

Here is the result.


Its a bit messy, as its the first time we have done it this way. As a result comments are not only welcome, they would be really useful.

At one point we do discuss a story about a minture cannon, that really could do with looking at the video – that can be found at http://newslite.tv/2010/05/10/fully-working-mini-cannon-fits.html

As for the music, we would like to thank everyone that provided tracks to pick from by using the #DailySong hashtag on twitter. This weeks we included suggestions from @Nezerith, @AngelSmit & @AnjelusX

Anyway, I’ll leave it there

See you next week

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