A Week in #DailySong’s (17/1/10)

Ahh the 360 features that everyone used once and then never touched again

When I seriously made a start in the world of Twitter, I created a hook to remind me to make at least one tweet a day.

That was when I created my own personal Hashtag, #DailySong.

The idea of #DailySong is extremely simple, just to pick a different song each day – if I have the time to try and tie it into what I’m doing, if not just pick one at random.

In its original purpose of reminding me to tweet daily it worked perfectly, I rapidly went from not understanding twitter to using it as a vital tool in my daily tasks.

Over the time I have had several people tag along an join in on my little hashtag as well, something that has always been interesting to see.

Anyway as the #DailySong did such a damn good job of working to get me twitter, I have decided that I will invoke its use here to make sure there is at least on weekly update on this blog. With that ‘A Week in #DailySong’s’ will be where I summarise the weeks songs, the reasons for them if there are any or explain that they were purely random if that is the case.

So lets look back over the week that was.

Monday: Manowar – Black Wind, Fire And Steel (http://song.ly/2j854)

This was purely Random the only thought that went behind that track was that it should be heavy metal.

Tuesday: Cold War Kids – Heavy Boots (http://song.ly/2j89q)

I really was having trouble thinking of a song for the day and then I saw a old tweet of fellow Thirteen1 team member @D_Gow mentioning this band so I just took one of their tracks at random.

Wednesday: Open Space – Busy (http://song.ly/2j8gd)

Wednesday was issue launch day, no matter how far ahead we are the 13th is always a very busy day all the things that go around the issue itself quickly add up

Thursday: Faithless – Insomnia (http://song.ly/2j8ks)

Well this one boiled up out of the fact that all week I managed to get very little sleep, so when I walked into work I could have been mistaken for a zombie. This lead to all the usual chats, ways to try and get to sleep etc, eventually getting round to the obvious possibility of Insomnia (I do suffer from this from time to time) Which instanly put this song in mind.

Friday: Papa Roach – Last Resort (http://song.ly/2j8s6)

Friday I sat down to do my #DailySong and really drew a complete blank as far as what to pick, still lacking a good nights sleep, so I took a lead from Thursday and picking out a track that I hadn’t heard in a long while. Actually picking this song made me realise how long it is since I had not only this song but any Papa Roach at all, as well as how much I like them.

Saturday: Elephant Band – Failure (http://song.ly/2j908)

Saturdays #DailySong did have a meaning, one that I wish it didn’t. You see Saturdays actually happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. I spent the day setting up this site and experimenting with various pieces of software to record pod-casts, installing plug-ins etc. For the first time in over 9 months since I started doing the #DailySong I failed include a day.

Sunday: Katchafire – Working (http://song.ly/2j92j)

Well today’s was for the fact that I was actually once again busy all day, emailing various PR groups and handling all the competitions from the December issue of Thirteen1. There was also some more generic email wrangling to be done as I realised that some of my mail filters were playing up.

Anyway that’s it, the weeks #DailySongs explained.

Till Next Week

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