A Return

Many years have passed since I last attempted to keep a personal blog running. There is no particular reason for this, its just something that I kind of phased out stopped doing.

The last time I had my own blog I think I was about 16. I am now 26 and a great many things have occurred over the last decade.

Now I have decided that it would bore the living crap out of everyone if I were to go through all that stuff in detail. I’m not kidding a lot of it bores even me.

So im probably better off just doing a kinda roundup list

  • Majorly Stuffed up School – I’d not like to publicly admit how few GSCE’s I actually left with
  • Pulled my ass into gear and went to college, all the way up to HND level
  • Moved to Hull and converted the HND into a BSC hons In Computing Software Development
  • Ended up on the Dole for nearly a year while trying to find a something that I could use that degree for
  • Lucked into a job at a small games development studio in Hull that makes browser based RPG’s
  • Managed somehow to stumble across someone willing to marry me
  • Started my own gaming magazine ‘Thirteen1‘ with a couple of my work colleagues

Ok so those few lines you can see the key items. I will come back and go over some of these things in more detail at a later date but for now this will have to count as an update

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