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Is it just me or does the iTunes podcast logo remind you of Magneto as well?

When I restarted this blog at the beginning of the year I had intended to use this as a personal blog as well as kicking off the podcast properly.  As you will plainly be able to see by the fact that the whole homepage is filled with only the weekly podcast posts, that has kinda taken a backfoot over time.

So today I have decided to take the time to make a personal blog post and to give me a little bit of a push i am using a trick I saw on Lifehacker a while back. Using a program called focus booster I am writing this post with a 25 minute timer ticking away, whatever is written by the end of that timer is what my post will be.

Why, you may ask, would I want to do that? well for one simple reason only – If I can output one coherent post in 25 minutes then I have no reason to not do so more regularly in the future. 25 minutes is not too much time to put aside in an evening.

So, when coming up with a topic for this first attempt at this posting trial I was left with one key thing in mind and that was the podcast. Now as well as recording the weekly podcast I actually listen to quite a few, so today im going to give you a brief overview of some of the ones I listen too regularly.

Claims of the Normal 

Primary podcast of the csicon network, this podcast  has three hosts int he form of Breki, Petter and Arkenor. The main subjects of the podcast is general news of the world and everything interesting may be discussed on show. It also has a weekly quiz where Petter and Arkenor are regularly stumped by scifi/comic & gaming questions set by listeners such as myself.

These guys defiantly have an interesting take on most topics but when you get them on games there is a lot of knowledge there as both petter & Arkenor have been gaming bloggers for an extremely long time.

Twice weekly updates. Claims of the Normal – CSICON


Multiplaying Podcast

The official podcast of the site multiplaying.net, this was a site that started out as a hangout for all things MMO but over the years has just evolved to the point where it is more general on gaming as the community has grown up. Most of the regulars there now all have families so spending hours on end playing an MMO is not as easy as it once was.

Every week several of their team get together and talk about the games that they have been playing and give their opinions on them, this is always interesting as this is not done from the perspective of a reviewer just general gamer. you will regularly hear them pick apart a game but say that they still enjoyed it and can’t explain why.

Weekly updates Podcast | Multiplaying

Answer Me This 

This is one of the most professional of all the podcasts I listen too but that is only a plus for it. each week the two hosts Helen & Olly along with their sound man Martin answer a whole host of questions posed to them by their listeners. These questions an be anything from why does the earth revolve around the sun, to why are bogies green.

Its kind of a mix between QI and a public radio phone-in, but that just makes it all the more amusing and occasionally educational

Weekly updates PODCASTS « Answer Me This! Podcast

Massively Podcast

This one is an obvious one to be in my collection due to my love of MMO’s. Massively is one of the top news sources for this genre of games and their podcast is no different. Hosted by Rubi & Shawn, they look back over what they have played and some of the interesting news stories from the site.

Weekly Updates Podcasts | Massively

For now however that is going to have to do the trick I may come back and do another rundown of some of the others I listen to, but as it stands the timer only has 2 minutes left on it so I need to wrap up.

I have to say that this has been intersting doing this against the clock as i was not aware i could write this fast, and this post is a lot longer that I was actually expecting it to be. Obviously I will need to spend another 5 minutes afterwards spell checking, linking  and formatting but nothing else will be done and this is released as written.


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