A Failure

Epic FailYes I Know, I Promised to be more regular with these blog posts. But as always seems to be the way when I take a stab at blogging, Life tends to throw itself in the way.

So what has brought me back here this time? Well two things. Firstly, my colleague @TurkeySaladBoy  has started a blog as well, which kinda reminded me that I hadn’t updated in some time. Secondly I am in the process of rebuilding the Thirteen1 Website.

What does that have to do with a blog? Well for once I am actually going to use a pre-made content management system rather than writing my own bespoke system. The thing is no matter how good i make my custom systems, the same thing always occurs – eventually all my tweaks and fixes turn the thing into spaghetti code and about as fragile as a ice-cube being hit with a sledgehammer.

So this time im going to basing it on the WordPress engine. Oh dont get me wrong there will be a fair old amount of tweaking but nothing that chances the core. The point is i want a system that others will be able to learn without having to be given access to the live system.

So here I am messing with a WordPress system to experiment with a few things such as automatic twitter announcements as well as timed release on new posts, both things that are very useful.

Anyway there are things on the go in the background and I will try and call back here more than once every two months – but this time I’ll make no promises

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