30 Second The Secret World Preview: Intro

Never piss off a girl with a shotgun!
Never piss off a girl with a shotgun!

I guess if I am going to do a whole week dedicated to a game I should start with a description. The Secret World is the latest MMO from Funcom who made Age of Conan & Anarchy Online and is due for release in early July.

Set in a world where every myth, legend & conspiracy you have ever heard is true, you will take your character on a journey to explore these wonders.

You will not be alone though as you will join one of the three secret societies that run this world, furthering their goals – but that’s something for a later video to cover.

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  1. Currently trimmed it down to another 8 videos to get most of it in over the next week – but am currently thinking it may also be the first game in my new video series

  2. haha i know – its been an interesting challenge trying to boil the various elements down to 30 seconds each

    Obviously im trying to stay relatively spoiler free as well

  3. For those of you that had not noticed – I am an idiot! 
    During the video I say Funcom made Ultima Online, they did not – What I was thinking of was Anarchy Online a very very different game
    I knew something felt off about the words but I couldn’t quite place it

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