30 Second Mists of Pandaria Preview: Pet Battles

Raptor vs Tree, who will win? Only one way to find out, FIGHT!!
Raptor vs Tree, who will win? Only one way to find out, FIGHT!!

Those faithful little companions, your mini Diablo, your little grey owl, even your little singing sunflowers if you finished the quest to get one, They have all been at your side since the very start of World of Warcraft. While they are fun to have along for the ride they don’t really do much more than look pretty.

Well that is until now, Mists of Pandaria will be adding a Pet Battle System. This system will see your vanity pets going into battle pokemon style.

I know its lazy writing to jump straight to a comparison but really there is no better way to describe this new system. Each type of mini-pet will now have its own levelling bar and as it grows in strength by competing in battles it will unlock new skills.

Each pet’s skills will differ based on its pet class, from flying to elemental, mechanical to beast, they will all have a base set as well as some pets having their own unique abilities.

Aside from making use of all the vanity pets in the game already, there are now 500 to be collected in total. These will come from various locations such as vendors or achievements, but many will have to be caught in the wild by finding them and battling them.

What makes that bit interesting is that they have confirmed that some of the pets will only be available at certain times of the day, or in certain weather types in the zone – so the truly OCD hunters amongst you will have your work cut out for you.

I already have my dream team in mind, Mini Moonkin, Mine Tyreal & One Eyed Willy!

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