30 Second Game Review: Well Kinda!

Who would have thought this was the face of a crazy person
Who would have thought this was the face of a crazy person

If you have looked at this video you will no doubt have notices that it is not actually 30 seconds long.

The plan was to do a Mists of Pandaria preview today, but after an hour of trying to fit everything I wanted/needed to say into 30 seconds, I realised it just was not possible. Not wanting to leave you without a video I instead have fallen back on the old faithful clip show.

So enjoy the full collection of my craziness, the last out-takes show was a bit limiting by keeping it to 30 seconds as well.

Next week will be Mists of Pandaria week – all 4 videos will be on different elements of the beta and my take on them so you have that to look forward too.

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