Archive Dive 015: Prison Architect (Part 4)

Something around here is starting to smell, oh its the inmates! Day 4 of the running of this prison and I realise I never built a shower room or even gave them any windows. Trying to fix this is where things start to go wrong.

At least one escape happens when I knock a door hole into the cell wall without first building the room to keep them in. Then it all kicks off in the Yard leaving one prisoner bleeding to death. This is not even to mention all the things starting to break and flood the cells.

It is then that I finally realise that I missed a large feature of the game.

With that I decided that this Archive Dive has to come to an end, however this is one of the games I feel I could play a lot more of – so decided that a secondary series where I go into more depth on the games I enjoy – I will start these alongside the next Archive Dive

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