30 Second Game Review: Ski Safari

Ski Safari by Defiant Developmentis one of the recent class of autorunner games hat are popular on the iOS and andriod.

This one puts you in the place of a skier string to get the hell down a mountain ahead of the avalanche that is chasing him. To do that he is going to have to stay on his feet and not hit any of the hazards that block his journey.

But your not trekking down the mountain alone, along that way you will run into critters such as penguins, eagles & even the odd Yeti, All of which are more then happy to give you a lift for a while as long as you do the same when you find a snowmobile.

What makes this game really addictive is the levelling system. You make your way up the ranks by completing certain challenges such as pulling off 20 back-flips or riding 2 eagles in a row. Some of these are simple but others are just the right kind of challenging that will bring you back again and again

Well worth a shot

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