Worms:Reloaded Drinking Game


OK, this is one of my oldest ever drinking games. It was created for one of the earlier Worms titles but works just as well for this new edition.

I have played this game on many occasions and I know there were a lot more rules to it when it was created, However, ‘Shockingly’, I can’t for the life of me remember them all..


Man Down – When any of your Worms die, have a drink

Shallow Grave – If any of your Worms tombstones are sent off the screen, have a drink

Humiliation – If any of your Worms are killed by a Poke, have a drink

When Sheep Fly – When activating a SuperSheep, have a drink. If you fail to kill anyone with the SuperSheep , have another drink

He’s not the Messiah, He’s a very Naughty boy – When using the Holy Hand Grenade, have a drink. However everyone else in the game has to give a Monty Python quote (no duplication) before it explodes, or they have to drink twice

Not quite a Ninja / I wouldn’t join the space program – When using the Ninja rope or the Jetpack, If you take falling damage yourself, have a drink

Foul Ball – If you try to kill someone with the Baseball Bat and fail to send them flying off the side of the screen, have a drink

As a result of the above rules and how addictive

this game is when you get started, I would classify this game as Extremely Heavy.

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