Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Drinking Game

Ok..That's the last time I use public transport!!

Back when they released Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves, I didn’t have a PS3 – In fact the Uncharted set is one I still need to pick up from the back catalogue.

However when it was released I borrowed a mates PS3 with the game, and set to work doing what I do – created a drinking game for it.

Based on the capture the flag mode, known as the Plunder Game it was a nasty game, even when we were only drinking shots of beer.


Small Change – 1 Drink for every kill, 1 Drink for every death – Excludes Grenade Deaths

As Big As Your Fist – 1 Drink for every Grenade Kill, 2 Drinks for every Grande Death

Gold Rush – 1 Drink for every 5 Kills you make in a match

Golden Touch – 2 Drinks if Get the treasure from the middle to base single-handed

Share the wealth – 1 Drink if you throw away the treasure, add 2nd if it’s picked up by a member of your team

Raider of the lost ark – 2 Drinks if you manage to recover the treasure from the other team and get it all the way back to your base

Soldier of Fortune – 3 Drinks if you make it though a full match without dying at all

Drink to your good fortune – At the end of the game 2 Drinks to the victor 1 Drink to the loser

Not Even Bronze – 2 Extra drinks for the winning team if it’s a 3:0 whitewash

So as you can see this is what I would classify as a Very Heavy drinking game, but feel free to enjoy it in moderation.

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