Thoughts of a DrunkenChef

This was what I was cooking as I started this very post

Now that I’ve started adding personal posts to this site again, I find myself wanting to expand on what I post about myself slightly. Such as mentioning that Gaming & Comics will always be passions but one other I has always been cooking.

I enjoy it so much that had things gone differently at school I might even have ended up as a chef, and not a software developer and games reviewer. Had it not been for some for a ‘slight’  impatient streak when I was younger, I might have finished my cooking GCSE and gone that other route.

As it stands when I managed to completely bollocks-up my GCSE’s and it came time to choose my route to fix my mistakes, I took the route of IT over Cooking.

I enjoy both equally, but when it came to that ‘sit down and get your shit in order’ thought the last thing I remembered about cooking was the disagreement I had with my cookery teacher.

Thing is now that I look back on it with years of hindsight and a much more relaxed outlook, what I called a disagreement at the time was actually just me being a complete tool. What happened is that in one class when I was being particularly impatient, I was working on a Bolognese  and enjoying it as usual.

While I was cutting up some peppers to add to the sauce the teacher came over to check on how I was getting on. This is perfectly normal, but then she tasted my sauce and started to add some herbs and seasoning’s, thinking I had missed them.

My reaction should have been to calmly explain that I was not longer following her recipe for the sauce and had instead worked out my own that did not need as much seasoning, the flavours came from other elements. My real reaction was to pick up the pan, walk to the middle of the room, declare that if she was going to ‘fuck with my food then there was no point me even cooking it’, and finally drop the pan on the floor and exist the room.

After that little incident, I was kicked out of Cookery class permanently. Looking back at it now she was completely right to do so, I should not have been such an idiot.

So what made me think of this incident?

Well as part of my getting healthy resolution (which is still going well) I am now cooking my lunches in advance. By making them at home and microwave them at work, I can be sure that they are better for me than the stuff I can buy from the nearby. What you see in the picture above is the makings of a Shepard’s pie  like dish, only made using turkey mince rather than normal mince as its lower in fat.

But I cant help but think about what would have happened if I had made use of more than 5 of my brain cells when I was at school. Would I still be where I am now? Would I have instead continued with my cooking and become the DrunkenChef instead of the DrunkenGamer?

It’s interesting to ponder these things once in a while.

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