Talking Point: Which Games Franchise has been done to death?

It is that time of the week again, when in to get warmed up ready for the podcast we ramble about a chosen topic. Before we got onto this weeks topic we did however have to handle the comments of the Listeners/Viewers of last weeks show – Which GameWorld would you like to live in and as which Character?

Here are some of the things our viewers suggested

  • FirehawkShadowChild –  Forgotten Realm setting (ie Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale) – Ranger or Mage or  Shadowrun (Decker or Street Samurai)
  • Michelle Chatterton – Sonic Universe as Tails
  •  Adam OMC – Pokemon Universe as Trainer Red
  • Stuart Renton – Mario Universe as Princess Peach
  • Dan Allen & Mosh Miller – Couldn’t pick one as all the games they play are too violent
  • Mike Lockwood – Agent 47 in Skyrim or Himself in Last of Us

As always we then went on to have a good old fashion natter about this weeks topic which was Which Game Franchise has been done to death and which would you like to see return?

This was one of those topics were I don’t think we managed to pick one each this week despite Gow trying to convince us that Sonic belonged on the list. What we did agree is that Guitar Hero had to be one of them as it pretty much killed off an entire genre & the Oblivion Engine because seriously how many games do they want to build on that core?

So, What about it guys & gals?

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite and suggest a possible question for the next Talking Point, please do as I seem bad at picking them myself. Everything is fair game, from politics to movies, music to games, hell we will even discuss our favourite womble if you so desire it.

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