Star Wars: The Old Republic Drinking Game

Perhaps we shouldn't have taunted R2 like that it seems he had an upgrade
Perhaps we shouldn't have taunted R2 like that it seems he had an upgrade

It is one of the biggest gaming releases of the year, there is absolutely no way to deny that, but being an MMO that generally means that for drinking games its kinda no-go territory.

However the force is with me on this one, so I had to make one.

This game is best played in a Flashpoints and Operations, but only when everyone in the group is joining in on the fun.


See you on Dagobah – Every time you Die, Take a Drink (Optional) The Drink must be consumed before revival

It’s a Trap – If you are the Obvious cause of a wipe, Finish your Drink

Almost as talkative as Jar Jar – During a conversation if the roll goes your way and you speak, Take a Drink

Strong in the force are you – When a conversation grants Light or Darkside points, Drink based on which you choose. Sith: Light, 2 Drinks. Dark, 1 Drink. Jedi: Light, 1 Drink. Dark, 2 Drinks.

All Hail The Emperor – When you Loot a Green Item you become designated as the Emperor, Until someone else loots one, at which point they become Emperor.

The Emperor has the following abilities

  • When they do an emote the whole group has to copy it, the last to do so has to Take a Drink
  • The ability to designate someone else to take their punishments
  • If the Emperor loots another Green Item, the Whole group has to Take a Drink

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