Sound Suggestions: Basshunter Song (MiX)

I was not prepared to include a trance-electro song to this weeks cast! The progression and build of this track grabbed me immediately. The track continues to build upon itself repeatedly until you’ve just got to do a drunken jig.

When you’re enthusiastic about a track I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ‘go with your gut’, as it were.

Frankly, I’m not sure what this is supposed to be a ‘mix’ of. Presumably some songs from the artist Basshunter, I’ve heard quite a number of his tracks and I still can’t place it. At any rate, I am quite certain you electro freaks out there will appreciate this little gem. Cheers!

Basshunter Song (MiX) by DJ-Pope

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The Artists Newgrounds Profile: DJ-Pope

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