Sonic Generations Drinking Game

Was good to see the short fat one again
Was good to see the short fat one again

So here we are again with another Sonic game on the market, I guess it will shock no-one that I picked up a copy of it as fast as I could. My Love of the supersonic blue one is well documented.

I guess what would be shocking is for me not to make a drinking game to go with it.

This game is based loosely on the classic playground game HORSE where someone sets a challenge and everyone has to match it.


The first thing to do is pick a word that fits how long you want the game to last. Now there are three things you don’t really want to be in the Sonic universe TAILS, a BADNIK or ROBOTNIK so they are good places to start.

Each player take in turns to select a challenge level for the next player to finish with and A or higher.

Fail the challenge – Take a Drink and add a Letter, then pass the controller to the next player to try.

Beat the challenge – Person who set the challenge takes a drink, Pick a new challenge level for the next player

Fill out your word – When someone fills their word they have to take a punishment drink. I will leave it to you to decide what that is

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