Limbo Drinking Game

Don't worry about the Spider, knowing this game the log will kill you!

There were some bloody good games that came out during last years ‘Summer of Arcade’ on the XBox Live Arcade. One of the games that was part of the overall event was the absolutely sublime Limbo.

Now while being fairly short, the moment I played it I thought of a very simple drinking game. It does need a little preparation – but fear not, I have you covered.

This game is based on the classic 30-second tick style of game. In this type of game a sound is played every 30 seconds, which signals people having to take a drink.

If you don’t have your own sound file you can download one of these two MP3’s to use – pick the one that best fits your drinking limits

  • Sonic Ring: 30 Second Drink Timer (Download)
  • Mario Life: 60 Second Drink Timer (Download)


Take it in turns to play through the twisted world of limbo, swapping player on each death or when the sound file ends.

Everyone not playing the game has to take a drink when the sound plays.

If the Player dies before the sound file gets to its end, they have to take 2 drinks – and restart the sound file.

Depending on how many times and how long it is since you last played this game I would classify this as a Moderate to Heavy Game.

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