Let’s Play MineCraft #5: Building Basements

I am very happy with my hovel in the mountain in general. I mean its functional, gives me access to my mine and somewhere to hide when the creepers come but at the end of the day it is still a hole in a mountain.

I guess its time to lay down plans to move out and make myself a proper house. However if i’m going to do that then I am going to do it properly. I am not talking some little single room cabin, no I want a proper 2 story Farm/Manor House with a basement.

But such an undertaking requires materials, a plot of land to build on & a Plan. Now on a long train journey for work I took the opportunity to have a practice run in creative mode, so now have a design in mind but the amount of materials I will need is immense.

So before breaking ground on the foundations of my house I show you around the new warehouse setup in the Hovel, take you for a very quick tour of the mine & show you the wood farming area.

Oh and I also show you the bridge I built into the Jungle!

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