I Want One of Those!: GlowBar

If I have to fight off zombies, I'm doing it in style

Oh, one day the Zombie Apocalypse will be upon us.

Perhaps not the undead but something will happen and turn half of the race savage and the other half into nothing more than cattle.

So I hope that like me you are planning your zombie survival methods. Be that shotguns and stockpiles of food or making sure you have the means to barricade your home.

There is however one thing that every survivalist must have and that is a crowbar. Helping you put up your defences, get into before locked food stores – hell it’s even useful as a last-ditch defensive device.

But now you can add one more task to that list, providing light a light-source when the power is cut. I would like to introduce the GlowBar – A Glow in the Dark Crowbar

Oh sure it’s not going to be as bright as a torch but torches run out of batteries. Simple logic dictates that in a situation where you are in pitch black, even the low light this provides will give you a marginally better field of vision than someone with a normal crowbar.

At the end of the day having those minor advantages is all it takes to make sure your neighbour becomes lunch before you do.


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