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Yesterday I shared with you a few of my resolutions for the year, ones that for a change I intend to keep. Going by my past experience however, I know what I’m like. I’m easily distracted and if I don’t keep on top of them I will let them slip to a side without realising.

So to counter that I have decided to reward myself for each of them I complete, that way I will always have a reason in the back of my mind telling me to do them. Nothing motives people better than greed at the end of the day, myself included.

For each of the resolutions I came up with a slightly different reward.

For my Weight Loss goal, the reward is purely financial. Basically for every day that I do my 30 minutes of Wii Fit, I am putting aside £1, which means that at the end of the month I will have an extra £30 to do with what I wish. Now I know its my money anyway, but there are certain things I only allow myself so much of a budget for each month.

Games are one such item. As much as I love them I limit how many I actually buy, because if I didn’t I would just bankrupt myself in no time at all. So this £30, which is outside my normal gaming budget, means that I could get an extra game a month if I wanted too. Likewise for PC Equipment, There I only buy myself essentials – this way i could treat myself to the odd bit of kit that I just want.

There is a secondary reward for this – I did my first 30 minutes last night and the bloody Wii Fit told me I classified as Obese. I know their guides for what is obese, overweight etc is nowhere near reality and I was only just on the line but still that was annoying and I will get that dealt with.

For the Podcasting, well that is actually a reward itself as I actually love podcasting. When I started messing around with it, it was just to look at it in terms of how it could be used to help in marketing and enhancing other projects. Now its something I actually look forward to, more so now that Gow & Craig (TurkeySaladBoy) have moved on from Thirteen1 as it a chance for us all to catch up.

For the Blogging, this is another one where I am indulging myself a little. Now aside from games I also enjoy comics, but likewise I limit how many of them I buy on a regular basis. I used to have a fairly substantial graphic novel collection as a result, but while I was at university I decided to sell all of them on. This is something I regret and am slowly working on rectifying.

So if I meet my target of at least 3 updates a week, that are not republishing of my Thirteen1 content, for the whole month then I will allow myself to buy a new graphic novel. Primarily they will be from the list of ones that I stupidly but there are also some new ones that I’ve had my eye on but couldn’t justify the cost of.

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  1. I hope you don’t stick to the blogging one, you’ll have me bankrupt. That’s like a novel a week and them feckers are bloody expensive. :p

  2. I only saw 3 times… *breathes big sigh of relief*. and to any body reading, we don’t normally have conversations over Facebook. Im in the bath and don’t want to piss off the neighbours by shouting down the stairs. End of rant! X

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