First Person Warcraft: Worgen Warlock #6

So after dealing with my Nemesis – The Bridge – I finally free the King from capture and set off to join up with some of the other locals. Unfortunately it seems my version of the curse is progressing as I tend to turn into a house rather than to mount one.

That aside, once I meet up with the locals round by the gates of Gilneas, they are obviously in need of help. The are hungry and surrounded by horde, so I set to work sorting out their problems.

First thing to do is walk directly past the closest group of horde and deal with the bunch in a mine on the outskirts. Sure they have captured a few of the locals but they are only forcing them into slavery not killing them. After a quick rescue in the mines and a bit of getting lost I return to town and then set off to deal with the closer camp.

While giving these a bit of a kicking I get to see two of the things that really annoy me in this game.

The First being for the second episode running being bothered by bloody guild invites. When did it become acceptable to just randomly invite people to join a guild without being requested? I know there are guild perks now but that is not an excuse for bothering people unbidden. You are no better than the charity muggers in the city center.

The Second is redundant architecture. this camp it set up in a little dockside village which is fair enough. It looks fine at first glance but then when you look at it more closely you notice that the waterwheel that is turning in the river is not actually attached to any machinery. So in effect they have a decorative waterwheel.

But I’m not going to bring it up with them obviously, as one of them thinks they are the Hulk – and I’m not willing to take the chance that he is right!

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