FIFA / PES Drinking Game

People tell me there is a difference, but personally I never notice it. That may be due to this drinking game

For years now both FIFA and PES have been battling to decide which of them would be the greatest football game on the market.

Over all of those years the Thirteen1 team have always played them, never particularly loyal to either franchise as like any good fight the lead has switched many times.

One thing that has been consistent however is the drinking game we based on them. It started off very simple as just a drink for every goal, but in the last few years I have refined and improved it just like the games themselves.

Remember as always I leave it up to you to decide what you drink, I count a Drink as a solid gulp of my pint of beer. That way my fun can last for decent amount of time.

This is also a group drinking game meaning that everyone on the team takes the punishment when a rule is applied.


The Half Time Refreshments – Both teams have a drink at half time by standard, optional extra to this rule is the losing team have a 2nd drink

The Cards – A yellow card means a drink for the player that received it. If you manage to jump directly to red, take two drinks.

The Goals – A drink for each goal your team concedes

Final Whistle – A drink for the losing team, plus an extra drink if it’s by more than 5 goals

Optional Rules

Making it worth it – This is a reversal rule, if you get a card BUT you injure a player on the other team, the other team have to have a drink instead, two if the player is instantly taken off the pitch

The price you pay – Any action that is not on the pitch – formation change, substitutions etc. – all come at the cost of a drink for the team.

This is one of those games that really differs in drinking level based on your skill with the game. That is why I would classify it as Moderate to Heavy. Personally I suck at them so I get very drunk very fast even drinking only beer.

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  1. We play a version of this when we feel like blacking out, only with much more simple rules. Chug a full can of beer if you are scored on, chug a full can of beer if the other player gets a red card. So the fastest way to make your opponent drink is to get red cards, but it makes it easier for them to score, leaving you vulnerable to more drinking.

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