Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #83: Like a Dog with a Bone

See were not the only ones that rate Simulator games highly
See were not the only ones that rate Simulator games highly

Many regular listeners may have noticed that Paddy is a bit like a dog with a bone, when he finds a topic he likes he will keep talking about it until everyone agree’s with him. It work the other way as well, if there is something he is not happy about then your damn well going to know about it.

This makes things doubly bad for the guys at Blizzard who over the last year crossed the boundary back and forth between loved and hated, and it does not seem to be over this week either.

Aside from the ranting at Blizzard we did however get Paddy to talk about other things including the bad news about layoffs at various studios, the closure of both a legendary studio and magazine and bad times going on at OnLive. To be honest the news didnt get much better after that either, but hopefully we managed to cheer it up a bit by throwing in news 9of new things from Valve and and a Plants vs Zombies announcement.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

This weeks stuff

This weeks Releases: New Games, Newest Games – GameSpot.com

Care Again: Heart Of The Swarm Beta Coming ‘Very Soon’ | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Secret World offers three days play for free | IncGamers.com

Copernicus would have been F2P | Massively

Assassin’s Creed dev accuses game journalists of racism -Destructoid

Star Trek Online nude patch seller accidentally reveals himself | Massively

Big Picture mode beta headed for Steam in September -Destructoid

Grab your knife! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is live -Destructoid

Rumours Abound That OnLive May File For Bankruptcy | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

OnLive reportedly filing for bankruptcy (Update) -Destructoid

Twist! – OnLive Bought, Gets ‘Substantial Funding’ | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

OnLive: Games, products, and services to remain available -Destructoid

Games retail gone in 10 years, says EA exec – GameSpot.com

Ubisoft Boss Declares F2P Is Because Of 95% Piracy Rates | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Still Rotting On Your Lawn: Plants vs Zombies 2 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Tough Times: Layoffs At PopCap, THQ And Funcom | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

THQ cuts jobs in marketing, production – GameSpot.com

Funcom layoffs confirmed as temporary [Updated] | Massively

Sony closes Wipeout studio – GameSpot.com

Nintendo Power may be going under (Update) -Destructoid

Nintendo holding Wii U event Sept. 13 – GameSpot.com

Rayman Legends is a Wii U Christmas exclusive [Video] | IncGamers.com

Red Alert: C&C Generals 2 Has No Single-Player | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Good News Bears: WoW’s Pandaren To Be Playable By All | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Diablo III adding 100 levels via new Paragon system | Massively

Gazillion’s David Brevik Talks Marvel Heroes and Diablo 3 [Video Special] | IncGamers.com

Diablo dev’s disappointment sparks disdain from Diablo III team – GameSpot.com

Jay Wilson says Brevik interview comments were an “unfortunate accident” | IncGamers.com

Podcast Extras

Field marshalling: Farming Simulator 2013′s hardware [Video] | IncGamers.com

PES 2013 gets fancy with its footwork [Video] | IncGamers.com

Gamescom 2012: World of Warcraft reveals Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic | Massively

Splendid Prohibition: Omerta – City Of Gangsters Trailer | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Plastic fantastic: Transformers Fall of Cybertron assembles this week [Video] | IncGamers.com

Gungrave: Overdose launches as a PS2 Classics title -Destructoid

New Grand Theft Auto V screens show leisure activities – GameSpot.com

Songs used in this episode

Original Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

New Intro Remixed from Drunken Sailor Metal Remix by DarkmasterXIII

Nothin’ by frank-n-furter666

[Jay T] B-Bit Fantasy by JayTMusicUK


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