Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #146: Watching Breaking Bad in the Wrong Order

All hail the great Helix Fosil
All hail the great Helix Fosil


I know..I know..The news in this episode can barely be called such!

I mean we were stretching the definition as it was, but this show was recorded after two weeks, and then has sat on my harddrive for a further fortnight due to work.

However this stupidity pales into comparison of the Older Gowen brother who when watching Breaking Bad managed to buy and start watching the final series before watching the fifth series.

After we were done laughing at that stupidity we got on to the task at hand, we did some drinking and we spoke about gaming. On the list of topics for the show were Twitch plays Pokemon, The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird, Mario Kart 8 News and even a little bit of World of Warcraft managed to slip in there.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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This Weeks Stuff

Rhode Island Governor signs 38 Studios settlement bill

Candy Crush developer King gets angry open letter from rival over trademark dispute

Sega sells more PC than console games, but pachinko machines eclipse both

League of Legends developer promises it’s not a patent troll

BioShock creator Irrational Games is shutting down

No games to play in February? Humble Indie Bundle 11 should sort you out

First details on Borderlands game from Walking Dead dev coming next month

PS4 game Infamous: Second Son requires 24GB install

Report: Sony’s PS4 virtual reality headset to be announced in March

PS4 will remain hard to find until April, says Sony

“Male heroes should no longer be the default,” says dev

Batman: Arkham Origins has no plans to fix several game breaking bugs

Peter Molyneux says GODUS is ‘invest-to-play’

Here’s some more info on FTL: Advanced Edition

Justin.tv becomes Twitch Interactive

Twitch ranked 4th in peak internet traffic, ahead of Valve, Facebook, Hulu

Over 60k people watching Twitch play Pokemon [UPDATE]

Flappy Bird creator explains why he killed the world’s most popular app

7 alternatives now that you can’t download Flappy Bird

16GB iPhone with ‘rare’ Flappy Bird going for £6 million

There Is A Flappy Bird MMO Because Of Course There Is

German Court Rules Against Rights To Resell Steam Games

Borderlands 3 is not being made — yet

Watch Dogs on Wii U will not launch alongside Xbox One and PS4 versions

Mario Kart 8 gets release date and 7 new Koopa racers

Rumor: Mario Kart 8 getting a track editor

Game Boy Advance coming this April to Virtual Console

Former Valve director leaves Microsoft after less than 12 months

MGS V: Ground Zeroes is 720p on XB1, 1080p on PS4

Why do more PS4 games run in 1080p than Xbox One? Sniper Elite dev explains – GameSpot

Steaming Pile: Steam Tags Added To Steam Beta

Valve curbs abusive Steam Tags after games were tagged with “not a game,” “hipster garbage”

Microsoft responds to Xbox One 1080p controversy

Microsoft investors want new CEO to kill Xbox

EverQuest dev: Curt Schilling “busted his ass” trying to get funding for Amalur MMO

Sony: PS4 has early lead over Xbox One, but still a lot of work to do

PS4 owners use the machine way more for games than TV and movies

The new Hitman game for mobile has surprising potential

Apparently We Won’t Hear About Fallout 4 For ‘A While’

Metal Gear Solid 5 originally had an ’80s filter


Nothing To Hide Is A Very Smart Anti-Stealth Game

Rayman Legends: No PS3-to-PS4 upgrade offer will be available

2014 BAFTA game award nominations announced

This Means War: WoW’s Level 90 Boost To Cost $60

Heroes of the Storm client screenshots and character list leaked

Anthropologist delves into World of Warcraft as a parallel to religion in China

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!

Sound Suggestions: Overload

Sound Suggestions: Hero of the Day

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