Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #144: Gow seems to not understand the Concept of Time


I am sorry Gow, It was too amusing not to leave that failed start in there.

Aside from misunderstanding on the nature of time, we added a bit more to the confusion mix by having a randomiser control the order of the stories.

Having taken the recording to fortnightly however this left us with a bumper of stories from the Steam Boxes to Playstation Now, World of Warcraft to the Wii U and even some news about the removal of the Online Restriction from SimCity.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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This Weeks Stuff

Legislation introduced to resolve 38 Studios lawsuit

League of Legends and Battlefield 4 attackers were using rare DDoS method

Eye tracking Tobii EyeX Controller will let you play games with your gaze

Microsoft working with Comcast on Xbox One Wi-Fi issue

Battle.net beefs up parental controls

Zynga tests Bitcoin as payment option

Official NES Remix contest canceled because of exploits

eSports player owed thousands after team CEO disappears

Steam Family Sharing now requires a two-factor authorization process

World of Warcraft player hits level 80 without picking a faction

Nvidia claims new Tegra K1 mobile chip outperforms Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

EA loses third wave of studio leaders in a week

Another one bites the dust: EA VP Jeff Brown departs

Valve Steam Machine roundup — prices, images, and full specs revealed

Steam hardware survey shows Windows 7 is still king

Current Steam users, not console owners, are Steam Machines’ target audience

Alien: Isolation official, coming late 2014

Forbes: ESO’s subscription model is just ‘a compounding factor’ to risk

Nintendo has to pay royalties for every 3DS sold

Evolve: What The Original Left 4 Dead Team Did Next

Telltale would love the chance to make a James Bond game

Sony’s streaming game service is PlayStation Now

GameFly responds to PlayStation Now rental service

Sony reveals PlayStation TV streaming service

PlayStation Now will offer Netflix-like subscription options

Soon you can pay to boost your World of Warcraft character to 90

Report: Sony builds custom PS3 hardware to power PlayStation Now streaming service

Xi3 Piston is not a Steam Machine because Windows is king

Adoption! 20 percent of recent Twitch streams are on PS4

Xbox One Twitch streaming still months away

Steam Dev Days: Steam At 75 Million, Greenlight Going Away

About Face (Buttons): Steam Controller Overhauled

Valve Not Releasing VR Hardware, Giving Tech To Oculus

At Last! Maxis Are Adding An Offline Mode To SimCity

PlayStation 4 owners get Outlast free with PS Plus

Developer describes extreme difficulty working with Wii U

Experienced devs counter anonymous Wii U criticisms

Nintendo apologises for failing to launch Wii U’s TVii service in Europe

Nintendo slashes Wii U sales expectations by two thirds

Nintendo thinking about “new business structure,” studying smartphone market

Nintendo president: I won’t resign

Valve wants video and music services for SteamOS launch

Gabe Newell ignored on Reddit, posts selfie

Valve looking to discontinue Steam Greenlight and Steam OS may have exclusives

Barbie-inspired plastic surgery game removed from app stores after backlash

The Last of Us leads DICE awards show with 13 nominations

Extra Time

Here’s a picture of a horse dressed as Mario

How to score huge in Resogun

Oh Goodness, Please Look At Rain World

Gone Home is 100% improved with the Gun Home DLC – Destructoid

New Road Redemption footage shows graphical progress

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition comparison video

Playing Call of Duty with the Gamertag ‘Xbox Sign Out’

Wreck your owner’s room in Catlateral Damage

EverQuest Next Landmark shows off advanced building tools

Here’s the latest from The Witch and the Hundred Knight

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 has begun!

Kirby desu. BIG MAN, BIG MAN….

10 things you need to know about PlayStation Now

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!

Sound Suggestions: Basshunter Song (MiX)

Sound Suggestions: Here We Are ft. Laura Brehm

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