Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #141: Still trying to solve the Fallout ARG!

Maybe this image means something!
Maybe this image means something!

Seriously though we know that turned out to be a hoax, but we were enjoying it so much we want to keep the faith.

We do however have to say well played that guy, the effort you went to for this prank is impressive – I wish I had that dedication and a spare £1000 to spend on a prank.

That wasn’t the only news this week obviously, there was Sales Data for the PS4 & X-Box One, Valve Joining the Linux Foundation, An idiot getting ripped off to the tune of £450 and YouTube seriously screwing up with MCN’s and content matching.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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This Weeks Stuff

Fallout 4 Survivor2299 an elaborate hoax?

Lindsay Lohan to sue over GTA 5

Desert Strike trademark filed by EA – Could it be making a comeback?

The PlayStation 4 outsold the Wii U in 48 hours in the UK

Fallout 4 teaser site was just a brilliant hoax

PS4 beats Xbox One at UK launch, becomes region’s fastest-selling console ever

Amazon reveals “octocopter” drone delivery system

NBA 2K14 penalizes you for swearing

Story Time: Telltale Confirms Game Of Thrones, Borderlands

Sony registers The Last of Us movie domains

PS4 streaming service will reportedly launch late 2014

Teen gets took for £450: Bought a photo of an Xbox One

NSA spies infiltrate MMOs to weed out terrorism

Biggest announcements from the VGX 2013 video game awards

Fallout 4 Survivor2299 hoax cost $1000 to pull off. Hoaxer reveals all | IncGamers.com

DICE Halting Future Projects Until Battlefield 4 Is Stable

Wall Street taking notice of Battlefield 4 issues as EA stock falls

Enabling Xbox One developer settings can brick your console

Valve joins The Linux Foundation

League of Legends contract for 2014 prevents streaming of other games

Riot Changes Mind On Pro LoL Streams, But Issues Persist

Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Capcom offer support after huge spike in YouTube copyright claims

Activision blames new consoles for lower sales of Ghosts

Twitch grows by 100k, PS4 accounts for 10% of content

First cast members for World of Warcraft movie revealed

Report: Bethesda Casting Voice Actors For Fallout 4

Wii U sales rise 340 percent over October

John Carmack: 360 and PS3 were ‘far from tapped out’

Tomb Raider on Xbox One and PS4 is 1080p, sells for $60

Digital storefront GOG.com offers money-back guarantee on digital purchases worldwide

UK retailer Zavvi threatens legal action after warehouse bungle gifts customers free Vita

Extra Time

Post Master will put you in control of the mail

Lego: The Last of Us video is very well done, most likely never going to happen

Professional Farmer 2014 Is A Game, And Has A Demo

Super Hexagon ported to Commodore 64

Ubisoft thinks The Division’s Snowdrop Engine is amazing

EverQuest Next to feature a moddable UI

An early look at GTA Online’s content creator

Watch Charlie Brooker talk Jon Snow through games

Enjoy six minutes of Dying Light gameplay from VGX

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!

Sound Suggestions: River Flows in You *Remix* by De4dl0ck

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  1. I noted your remark about comparing new console hardware to cell phone hardware that update several times a year. One could argue that with the required subscriptions (xblive, and recently ps+) couldn’t console producers require 2 year subscriptions much like cell phones do, and offer deep discounts for a re-subscribe? What would be the benefits or drawbacks of such a deal? Both for the console developers and the gamers? Brilliant or horrible?

    • And if Sony and Microsoft went with a similar plan (pricing not like what we see currently) what would that mean for developers/exclusives?

      • Well I think were a ways off seeing the annual hardware revisions but there really is no reason that they couldn’t do it, particularly once the infrastructure for streaming becomes more viable.

        When it does I fully expect to see deals similar to this, with the 2 year sub discount or reduced price for trading in previous revisions. I would also expect like phones that some people would stay a revision or two behind to pick up a still powerful but cheaper version of the device.

        As to software I am not too sure they would really be impacted as they would just develop to more of a PC model with their games, building for best case and having more substantive options to allow people to run the game on the lower revisions be reducing the quality of stuff. Exclusives wise, I would not expect that to me impacted outside of the ‘Launch’ titles, which would become a thing of the past.

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