Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast #103: Enjoying a Nice Sausage Soup!

This picture will not make any sense until about an hour into the show
This picture will not make any sense until about an hour into the show

This title and picture will not make much sense until you actually listen to the show, but be assured that even though I made the post this will result in Gow having a bad time.

Good news is that as you can probably tell from the above it was not a solo podcast, in fact I personally think it was one of the best we have recorded in a while.

Testing out a new format where we put nothing but the headlines on the screen unless we need specific details, we rattled off some words about everything from EA double-dipping on Dead Space 3 to another round of insult the analyst.

We are also even more convinced that Gabe has a serious case of the molyneux’s and we even found the time to go all fanboyish about the Wii U & Playstation Plus.

Anyway all that and much more in this episode of the Drinky Talky Thingy.


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If you want links to any of the stories we covered in the show this week, links can be found after the jump.

This Weeks Stuff

One Accidental Jump Later: One Of EVE’s Biggest Battles | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Why Tomb Raider skipped Wii U – GameSpot.com

Developers, what’s your issue with the Wii U GamePad? – Destructoid

BioWare cofounder talks leaving Mass Effect for beer – GameSpot.com

Zynga loses chief designer – GameSpot.com

Rumor: China might consider lifting ban on game consoles – Destructoid

Buy a year of PS Plus, get 3 months free – GameSpot.com

Sleeping Dogs and F1 Race Stars for EU PlayStation Plus in February – GameSpot.com

Plus Points: Sony’s PS Plus humiliates the game industry – Destructoid

Kickstarter stretch goals ‘are total bullshit’ | Game Development | News by Develop

Tera going free-to-play February 5 – GameSpot.com

EA joins group opposing Defense of Marriage Act – GameSpot.com

Gabe Newell says Apple is Steam Box’s biggest threat – Destructoid

Google to give 15k Raspberry Pis to UK schools | Game Development | News by Develop

New director signs on for Legendary’s Warcraft movie – Destructoid

Fee-to-Pay, a new name for a hot new business model! – Destructoid

Dead Space 3 microtransaction/DLC prices revealed – Destructoid

Dead Space 3 PC lacks visual options for consistency – Destructoid

Epic Mickey studio in trouble? – GameSpot.com

Nintendo reveals dates for Virtual Console anniversary – Destructoid

Microsoft Surface Pro Uses Two-Thirds Storage For Itself | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

UE3 tech demo Epic Citadel gets Android release | Game Development | News by Develop

Funcom wants to feature your music in The Secret World | Massively

Insane Torchlight II Mod Adds New Class, Monsters, Raids | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Scott Pilgrim DLC question is answered – Destructoid

Brightsiders: Crytek Hires Displaced Darksiders Devs | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

84-year-old man loves gaming, makes orgasm noises – Destructoid

You can put a crapton of games on new 128 GB iPad – Destructoid

Nvidia Uses Hawken To Show Off PhysX Clevers | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Podcast Extras

Dead Space 3 launch trailer gets its Phil Collins on – Destructoid

Today’s Best Video: Bioshock – Infinite’s Documentary | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Why we run rumors (and the curse of the hoax) – Destructoid

Rebellion teases something zombie-related for Valentine’s Day

How Gazillion build a hero in Marvel Heroes. New dev video explains

Injustice story trailer: Batman and friends smash it up – Destructoid

New Sim City trailer shows off three major landmarks

This Sony teaser looks like it’s for God of War – Destructoid

Let Surgeon Simulator 2013 turn you into Harold Shipman – Destructoid

Sega’s 13 consoles, 12 boards personified for Vita game – Destructoid

Songs used in this episode

Title music Drunken Sailor by Doctor Octoroc used with permission. Check out more of his music over at http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/– Do it now!


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