Drinky Talky Thing 2011 #16

The cake is definitely not a lie! I know, me and the wife made it this week

Well this episode of the Podcast was actually rather a close call.

On Monday the power supply committed Seppuku and put my PC out of commission.

Thankfully though Gow, being the supergeek he is, happened to have a spare power supply lying around that I have temporarily borrowed until me new one shows up.

As a result the sound may well be a little out in this episode as we only finished putting the machine back together less than 10 minutes before recording – We literally booted he machine up and  started audition.

Anyway, as always enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think

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Updates on stories from last week

Well the rumors continued to rumble about the Wii 2/ Project Cafe/ Stream until on Monday they finally confirmed it was under production, will be out in 2012 & Shown properly at E3
Wii 2 Announcement Only a Matter of Time, Says Miyamoto
Nintendo Wii 2 ‘Screen Stream’ controllers leak | BGR
Nintendo confirms next Wii coming in 2012, will preview it at E3 — Engadget
Nintendo announces Wii successor for 2012 | Joystiq

The claims of Portal 2 being completed in 4 hours, well it turns out it was not exactly a lie – there is actually a glitch in the steam timer for the game
Portal 2 In 4 Hours? The Steam Timer Is A Lie | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

EA have confirmed that you will receive a copy of the original Alice with your copy of Madness Returns
Alice: Madness Returns’ ‘Online Pass’ grants you Alice 1 (it’s $10 otherwise) | Joystiq

Actual gameplay footage of Sonic Generations appears – DAMNNIT!! Sonic Cycle now very much in full force
Sonic Generations footage has something old, something new, and two blue things | Joystiq

This weeks stuff

The South Korean government have agreed to pass a law making it illegal for kids under 15 to play online games between midnight & 6am
South Korea gaming curfew law unanimously passes committee, moves on to National Assembly | Massively

The Playstation network went offline last Thursday and has yet to come back up. Over the space of the week – many reasons for the outage were bounced around
– Anonymous Denied it was them
– Sony announce there was an intrusion that was causing them to rebuild some parts of the system
– rumor that a firmware hack that allowed you to get free PSN games was the cause
Finally last night Sony announced that there had been a serious intrusion and a whole pile of personal data could have been taken, possibly including credit card details
PSN outage due to ‘external intrusion’ [update] | Joystiq
Anonymous Denies Responsibility for PSN Outage
PSN ‘down for maintenance’ in North America and Europe [update] | Joystiq
Sony ‘re-building system’ to fix PSN outage – News at GameSpot
PlayStation Network Still Down with No Return Timeframe
Sony still investigating scope of PSN attack as maintenance outage enters Day 6 | Joystiq
Rumor: ‘Rebug’ custom firmware enabled ‘free’ PSN downloads, forced Sony’s network shutdown | Joystiq
PSN/Qriocity Service Update – PlayStation.Blog.Europe

In the week that Portal 2 was launched the original passed the 4 million copies sold mark
Portal sells nearly 4 million – News at GameSpot

While we have Portal 2 on the brain seems that some more information has come out about the ARG, namely that hidden in the game is a hidden room with a sound that can be converted into images that are slides about how the ARG worked – also some of the indie devs talk about their involvement.
Portal 2 Easter egg: Valve never meta-ARG it didn’t like | Joystiq
The indie origins of the Portal 2 ‘Potato Sack’ ARG | Joystiq

The Razer Hydra has a release date and final price
Razer Hydra brings motion controls to PCs this June, bundled with Portal 2 for $140 | Joystiq

Interview with a valve higher up hints that Portal 2 may be the last game hey make with an ‘isolated’ single player campaign
Portal 2 Could be Valve’s Last Game with an “Isolated Single-Player”

The PSP GO has stopped production and shipping everywhere but America
Sony Japan: PSP Go shipments have ended | Joystiq
PSP Go Production in North America to Continue

Skyrim will be based on DiretX 9 rather than any later to make it as compatible with all formats
Skyrim ‘mostly a DirectX 9 game,’ PC mods could make it to consoles | Joystiq

With the next Nintendo console announced, people had to start talking Sony & MS new consoles as well
New Microsoft and Sony Consoles Expected in 2014 – Report

Mortal Kombat 9 can be balanced on the Fly without patching
NetherRealm can rebalance Mortal Kombat on the fly, no patches needed | Joystiq

Research proves that the Games industry is the best at enforcing age ratings despite being self policing
FTC Finds Game Ratings More Strictly Enforced Than Movies and Music
Report: Game industry best at preventing sale of mature content to minors | Joystiq

A whole pile of games nominated for Ivor Novello Music awards
Enslaved, 007: Blood Stone, Napoleon: Total War soundtracks nominated for Ivors | Joystiq

Mario 3DS will be a mix of Mario 64 & Galaxy
Super Mario 3DS Combines Galaxy and Mario 64, Will be at E3

Far from being dead Harmonix will be announcing something big at E3
Rock Band, Dance Central Maker Has “Significant News” for E3

The next Section 8 Game will support dedicated servers on both XBOX & PSN
Dedicated server support added to Section 8: Prejudice on XBLA | Joystiq

Marvel will be announcing the name of the writer/writers working on their MMO
Marvel MMO announcing its writer this Thursday | Massively

The Playstation Tablet revealed – both of them
Sony Reveals PlayStation Certified Tablets

Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 3

Release News Roundup

Child of Eden pushed back on PS3 – will get move support
Child of Eden pushed back to September on PS3, will support Move | Joystiq

Shadows of the damned dated (June 21st)
Shadows of the Damned launching on June 21, 2011 | Joystiq

Moon Diver hits XBLA on May 4th
Moon Diver springs into XBLA on May 4 | Joystiq

Super Mario 3DS to hopefully release before the year ends
Super Mario 3DS Out in 2011, Miyamoto Hopes

God of War 4 looking at September 2012 release
God of War 4 reigning September 2012? – News at GameSpot

Eufloria on PSN this June
Eufloria blossoms this June on PSN | Joystiq

Gow’s Random Words

Langiel, A right royal ruckus!, Boobies, Discombobulation, Prefurlough

Songs used in this episode

Intro Remixed from WizWars – 8 Bit Raceway, which can be bought at http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/album/game-boy-rock-special-edition

Song 1: Dragon Boobies by capital DUH (Gritchy) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/273730

Song 2: ‘Salad Fingers’-{{REMIX}} by BIOHAZARD http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/88069

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