Dead Space 2 Drinking Game

Ahh the perils of being the wingman, having to take the hots ones ugly friend

As hard as I tried when playing the first Dead Space, I could not think of a ‘sociable’ drinking game for it. The same is true of the campaign of Dead Space 2, fortunately though Visceral added some multiplayer for me to look at this time as well.

Obviously this will need slightly different rules for humans and Necromorphs, as NecroMorphs die a lot more regularly.

As always with my drinking games, when I refer to a ‘Drink’ I personally have a solid gulp of beer so that I can enjoy my gaming for longer, but you all know your own drinking limits so it’s up to you what you choose to drink.


When playing Necromorph:

Join Us!! – When you kill a human, 1 Drink

One of Many – When you get an assist to a kill, 1 Drink

Dinner Time – When you successfully pull off an execution kill, 2 Drinks

When playing as Humans:

Thinning out the herd – When you perform a Kill Streak, 1 Drink

Oi Look over here – When you complete an objective and get a new one, 1 Drink

You owe me one – When you rescue someone from an execution attack, 1 Drink

The cafeteria is closed – Successfully defend against an execution attack, 2 drinks

Now I know you are going to be busy playing your match that is why most of these rules can be applied between rounds based on the match scoreboard. Overall though i would classify this as a Moderate to Heavy drinking game.

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